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Reviews & Testimonials

"Dr Balance does a complete workup, thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable and gentle. I've gone to him for a couple of different issues and my body has responded to his treatments. His care plan has responded quicker than treatments I have received from other practitioners. I will return for follow up on current issues and any others that might come up."


"Such a BIG heart!"



"I just had my first acupuncture treatment by Gregory. Since a child, LONG ago, I've struggled with body heat and dryness. Gregory quickly diagnosed me. Literally with each (smooth) needle insertion, I experienced an increasing shifting of energies away from these discomforts and toward a balancing.

I totally recommend Gregory. He is gentle, comfortable, explains things very well, and is effective! ... I will be going back! Thanks, Gregory"



"My Facial Rejuvenation treatment today was wonderful! I floated out feeling lighter (Obviously LOL) maintaining a better posture, energy surging from my neck to the top of my crown, and Beautiful. Dr. G, aka Balance has always provided a safe space for his practice. So grateful to ya"



"I had the most incredible acupuncture done today by my dear friend, Dr Balance. I felt like I left my body at times... I even went so deep that I woke myself with a loud snore, lol! so grateful... Thank you again..."



"I had my very first facial rejuvenation treatment. I wasn't sure what I got myself into, but Dr Balance explained the procedure and the benefits. Let me tell you, I saw RESULTS!! My facial complexion was much clearer and less oily. My eyes look more open. Overall, my facial appearance is much brighter. Thank you Dr. Balance, I will be coming back."